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MetroLab is a highly specialized company focused on developing application of only two types:
1 Applications for Windows Phone
2 Metro applications for Windows 8

Cooking App: Gotovyat Vse!

“Gotovyat Vse!” was made for the publishing house Eksmo, incarnating its cooking book series.

Over 2000 recipes, carefully chosen and brought to life by professional cooks are sorted into thematiс categories into this app. Each recipe has clear stage-by-stage structure with photos and convenient ingredient board. The board remains on screen during scrolling stages to make sure that user won't overlook any drop of Worcester sauce or pinch of salt.

Our timer will be familiar to all Windows 8 users: it is a self-made version of Windows modern UI alarm clock. It will be convenient both for mouse and touch interfaces and easy to use, due to its modern appearance.

Our search engine analyses recipe name, search tags and ingredients, tooking into consideration all possible endings of them and even synonimes. But all these procedures take just a moment to process a search query.

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Photofunia Windows Phone

We have been commissioned to create PhotoFunia Windows Phone by the popular web service photofunia.com

"The best app we have ever created", said our customers when they saw the final product.

Since its release on June 27, 2011, PhotoFunia Windows Phone has always ranked Top 1 - Top 5 in the Photo category.

Now it boasts more than 3 000 000 downloads.

Our application has the typical Windows Phone Metro app structure. Take a look at it if you are not sure about the best structure for your own app.

PhotoFunia Windows Phone participated in the final round of Windows Phone Next App Star.

Unbelievably, the number of PhotoFunia Windows Phone users comes close to its iPhone counterpart, although it might be due to less competition.

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One of the best Windows Phone picture editors, LazyLens offers a variety of filters and effects for your photos.

LazyLens achieves the delicate balance between acceptable RAM usage, filter processing time and the best rate of response to user actions at any given moment.

Designed in strict accordance with the Metro style, LazyLens UI looks sleek and familiar to all Windows Phone users.

Using information about your previous actions, LazyLens attempts to predict your decisions and performs the necessary operations in advance.

LazyLens is a wonderful example of a fast and responsive application that effectively applies complex algorithms to large amounts of data.

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