News Apps: Bigmir)net,, Korrespondent

“Bigmir)net”, “” and “Korrespondent” are official applications for the same-name news services.

We use HTML of the original site page to create the new one in the app, automatically transforming it to XAML. So, content is not only adapted to match Metro style, but it also supports all screen and optic resolutions, any font sizes and both touch and mouse interfaces.

All our catalogue-type apps use the same engine. This means quick development and reasonable prices. Each app took just two weeks to get the final version ready. Each of these apps has its own unique appearance.

Article pages may have photos as well as built-in photogalleries and videos. All these items are loaded and stored by application, so any delays and conflicts with browser are eliminated.

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1001 Wonders of the World. Most Beautiful Places on Earth: Facts and Photos

"1001 Wonders of the World" is another app for the publishing house Eksmo. It contains more than 2000 professional HD photos, 1000 greatest world wonders and related sound effects.

It is a bright example of an app having not so common for the Windows 8 structure, but matching Metro (Modern UI) style. User can scroll our places gallery horizontally to see, hear and get some information about the new world wonder. As well as he can scroll it vertically to see different photos of the same place.

Probably, it is the first app, which has an interactive fully-vector world map. It is our own control. So, it fits really great to any screen or optic resolution, instantly zooms on selected area and moves between its segments and highlighting of the countries is very easy to customize. Also, the whole map takes less than 1MB space (which is hardly belivable for raster maps of such quality) thus there is no more need to download it from the Net.

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Photofunia Windows 8

PhotoFunia Windows 8 is an official application for a popular web service.

It is one of the most popular photo applications in Windows Store.

PhotoFunia Windows 8 has an amazing Metro style interface. The home page contains the summary of all available functionality and makes PhotoFunia into a handy tool for daily use.

Although boasts more than 1 000 000 visitors daily and offers applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Bada, Symbian and Palm, most users claim to have learned about the service through our application.

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